Saint Louis Riverfront Scene, 50' x 14', Fiserv, Hazelwood, MO

Conference Room mural for Fiserv, (24' x 9'} Hazelwood, MO

“Welcome to Washington” mural, Washington, MO

Kimberly Alsop at Mural dedication for the City of Washington, MO

“Welcome to Washington” mural, Washington, MO

Augusta Elementary School Mural, (10' x 8') acrylic.

"Lowrider and Graffiti, Streetside Taco, Washington, MO

L.A. Taco Girl Mural, Streetside Taco, Washington, Missouri

“Skull Chopper” mural, Streetside Taco, Washington, MO

"Mugs" (30' x 7') acrylic mural, FISERV, St. Louis, MO

Detail-"Mugs" mural

"The Moon Room", acrylic walls and ceiling mural, private residence

"Cubes" mural (approx. 15' x 9') for Fiserv, Inc., Hazelwood, Missouri

Trompe l'oeil Gate with foliage, Private residence

10' x 10' Acrylic mural for interview room of GA Sullivan, Inc., Maryland Heights, Missouri

"Pirate room", design concept, construction, and painted murals, private residence.

Wall niche. Private residence.

Trompe l'oeil mural (15' x 10') Graphic Advantage, Maryland Heights, MO

Design and Painting, Lobby of PERSONIX Inc., St. louis, MO

Man w/ ribbon acrylic mural (32'x11") Fiserv, St. Louis, MO

Vineyard scene mural (approx. 24' x 10') Edgewild Restaurant, Chesterfield, Missouri